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When I bought my first house, I was already going into a lot of debt. I didn't have the money to seriously insure it, so I bought only the bare minimum without consulting an insurance professional. That was a big mistake on my part. It could have turned out alright. That is, if my house hadn't been in the path of a huge storm. Huge gale winds knocked a tree down straight through my roof. My house was practically destroyed, and my minimal policy didn't cover nearly enough. I spent years and years trying to get myself out of that financial mess. Since then, I have always been very cautious in learning about insurance and talking to the real professionals.


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4 Times Liability Insurance Isn't Enough

Unfortunately, there are all too many situations in which liability insurance is not enough to cover your vehicle. No matter the situation you find yourself in, it is likely that your current auto insurance policy is not enough.

Do you want to make the most of your auto insurance coverage? These are some of the situations in which you might find that your current coverage is not quite enough.

You Rear-End Another Vehicle

Nobody plans to cause an accident, but sometimes distractions pop up out of nowhere. For example, you might look down at your radio to adjust the station for a brief second. By the time you look back up, there is a vehicle too close. You hit the brakes, but you don't stop in time.

In this case, your liability insurance may cover the other vehicle and some medical bills, but your own vehicle is not covered. In this situation, you might need collision coverage to ensure your vehicle is covered, and medical payment coverage can help you as well.

Your Vehicle Is Damaged by a Branch

Imagine this: a major storm hits your town. Your home is unscathed, but a branch has fallen off a tree and landed on your car. Your vehicle is in need of serious repairs.

In situations when you are not on the road, comprehensive coverage kicks in. This coverage covers your vehicle when it is damaged by things like weather, vandalism, and theft.

You Hit a Lamp Post While Backing Out

Imagine backing out of a parking spot and right into a lamp post. The rear of your car is smashed. Liability coverage won't kick in, so what can you do?

When you back into something that is not another vehicle, collision coverage may kick in. This covers damage to your own vehicle so that you don't have to worry about paying out of pocket.

An Uninsured Driver Hit You

Say you are driving on the road, minding your business, when another driver turns left into you. They reveal that they do not have auto insurance.

In this case, uninsured motorist coverage is a good type of insurance to have. Your vehicle may be covered even if the other party broke the law by not having liability coverage.

Get Auto Insurance Coverage Today

The hard truth is that you could run into these situations at any time. You may not have time to react, and getting the best auto insurance coverage now is important. Call an insurance company today to learn more about your insurance options.